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One of them to talk. He has a plan when he sees one of them walking down towards him. He waits outside and hides. When the man comes through the door and closes it, Callahan grabs him and before he knows what's happening is holding him out over the dock of the train by his belt. In the same move he removed his gun. Now tell me what you all are up to. I already know you're working for Hawkins, so tell me the rest or I'll drop you right here. The horrified gunman is petrified and spills the beans, not realising what he's saying. Okay, okay, don't drop me. I'll tell. Pull me up. Tell me first, you got three seconds, replies. Yes, I work for Hawkins and he's planning instagram to get his son back, says the man. His son? asks Callahan totally mystified. Is Hawkins on this train? Yeah, Oops, I shouldn't have said that. It's a secret, he blurts. Callahan pulls him up and turns him around and shoves him off the train so that he lands instagram on the dirt below, rolls for a while and then stops. Callahan was only one; one against nine more and then Hawkins too. He figured that Hawkins must be in one of the compartments, as he never showed his face. Callahan had met him once before a few years back and remembered what he looked like. He also saw his face on wanted posters. Hawkins had been brought in several times for instagram different crimes but always got off because he either bought his way out or threatened them. This time he is out of his territory. He hasn't bought anyone in Arizona. He may be planning to try, or threaten them with his henchmen, Callahan surmises. I've just taken care of one of them. But there's no time now to track down every man of his on this train and do the same thing. I'll just have to wait until we get to Tucson. I'll be relieved anyway and there'll be another Railroad Detective on duty that'll go back to El Paso with the train. I can't let them get to Jodie. Callahan returned to his compartment and got his things together and went out instagram to stand by the door. He caught a glimpse of Hawkins' men looking for someone. They must be looking for that scoundrel I threw off the train back there. Then he spots Hawkins leaving his compartment walking the opposite way, apparently to meet the others. Now they're talking. Hawkins seems angry and upset. It must be because they lost a man. Then Callahan sees one of the men who is looking for his lost companion coming his way. There are still fifteen or twenty minutes before the train pulls in. That's a good fifteen or twenty miles from Tucson, he thinks,it's a long way to walk. The gunman comes through the door and tries to get passed Callahan. Uh...excuse me, I need to pass. Sure, here, let me open the door for you, replies Callahan. The man walks through and Callahan right behind him trips the man and shoves him off of the train. Now if they only send another one my way. Just then, not one but two men are making their way through the passenger cars towards Callahan. He climbs up on top of the roof of the car. I know I saw Roscoe come this way, says one of the men as they come through the door. As they are holding on to the rail and trying to look